SUC82x alarm

The SUC82x alarm is a device to send SMS on events detection and very simple to install. It is supplied on IP56 enclose and very easy to configure, where no additional equipment is required (configuration can be done by using a mobile phone keypad). It can be powered by AA type batteries and still with long life cycle (more than two years on stand-by).


  • Internal Modem GSM/GPRS
  • Internal or external antenna
  • Power supply with AC/DC adapter (6~24V DC)
  • 2 x Digital IO Ports (0~24V level) *
  • 6V batteries power supply
  • IP65 enclose
* Ports without galvanic isolation


  • Allow to run user Python
  • Customised Software Application can be developed on client requirement.
  • User application with access to:
    • Digital IO ports
    • Analogue port
    • GSM module (command AT)